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When Aleksandr Bernhard founded Christophe & Co. , it was the culmination of a life spent immersed in the worlds of the arts, design, engineering, and technology. His passion for these disciplines was inspired early on by a family of inventors, explorers, craftsmen, and artists.

Having spent his early years in life performing on stage as a classical concert pianist and exploring the world of mechanics and technology, he went on to earn his degree in Mechanical Engineering at Carnegie Mellon. After graduating, he relocated to northern Italy where he was surrounded by the convergence of a rich cultural history with cutting edge technological innovation; the juxtaposition of which would one day heavily influence his creations.

While in Italy, Aleksandr was in a near fatal car accident and it was during his arduous recovery that the seeds of Christophe & Co were sown. During this time, he was issued a challenge by one of his brothers and namesake of the company: 


Using his passion and talent in the arts and engineering, he was to create a tribute to the very pinnacile of human achievement; that which inspires achievement in others. It is by the inspiration of this very challenge that Christophe & Co was founded. 

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