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Designed in italy

With a heritage that has defined exotic automotive design, Italy has remained on the forefront of creative innovation in this realm. The Italian design idiom strikes a balance between flowing natural curves and attention to intricate details. This, along with dedication to craftsmanship of the highest order made Italy the ideal place to design the Christophe & Co Armills. 

In developing the Armills, a top tier Italian design team worked side by side with Christophe & Co in creating a wearable objet d’art that embodies the pinnacle of human achievement. Each individual design element has its own story and the resulting fusion takes shape in a highly sought after collectible icon that reflects both the heritage of the Armills’ origins and the achievements of its wearer.

Unique in the world of jewelry, the Armills put design before manufacturing and cost constraints. Their inspiration comes straight from the supercar realm and the result is pure power. 

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