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Crafted in Switzerland

The Christophe & Co Armills are not just designed, they are engineered. Each one of the hundreds of components is precision crafted and finished using a combination of cutting edge CNC Machines and intricate hand finishing and stone setting.  They are amongst the most technically and artistically intricate pieces of jewelry ever conceived and the finished creation is a priceless masterpiece without equal. 

It all starts with the building blocks: rare gems, pure precious metals, and advanced engineered materials, all of which combine to form a symphony of flowing curves and powerful textures. Their design and assembly is so intricate that it was necessary to invent novel techniques and components to achieve the level of precision desired. 


Every component of the Armill is a feat of engineering on its own, from the revolutionary engineering and manufacture of the ceramic shield, to the intricate micropavé set diamonds, to the precision carbon fiber inner frame, machined from a solid billet of carbon fibre by a highly specialized British Formula 1 racing workshop.

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