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Wearable Tech, Redefined

The Christophe & Co Armills are truly a technological marvel, being the world's first smart jewelry entirely powered by Kinetic Energy. Our patented Kinewear© system harvests energy from the motion of the user's arm, thereby eliminating the need for charging. 

The Armills functions are customized to a set of six diamond buttons, each of which triggers an action via the securely paired mobile device. The menu of available actions includes smart home integration, vehicle lock/unlock, and emergency SOS notification. Additionally, smart haptic notifications are configured via the mobile app.  

The hardware module is fully upgradable, eliminating obsolescence and allowing owners to swap out modules as more advanced functions become available. 


The newest function under development is for cryptocurrency transactions, acting as a hardware wallet compatible with Bitcoin, Etherium, Bitcoin Cash, and Ripple. The patent pending technology provides an ultra secure offline environment for executing and authenticating crypto transactions. 

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